YoloPros™ is dedicated to providing a business environment created on the belief that sustainable long term success can only be achieved through a mindset of placing "People Over Profit".

Our Mission is to provide everyone with an affordable opportunity to participate in a business that will enrich their lives and contribute to their success... now and in the future.

"Together, we are a powerful force creating a better world by empowering people to reach their best potential"


Headquartered in Henderson, NV, Founders Kai Jacobson and Jay Ahlin created YoloPros in 2016 to help people do what they truly love, but the difference is... now, they get paid for it.

We recognized that for people to succeed financially, we needed to create a business model that had a lucrative pay plan, was easy to understand, set-up and manage.


Jay Ahlin, Founder

Jay is passionate about living entrepreneurially – empowering and supporting others to do the work they want to do in order live the life they want to live. A self-made entrepreneur, he has spent the past 30 years living the "new" American dream, one that doesn't involve climbing the corporate ladder or holding out for that gold watch and retirement plan – instead, paving his own road, learning new things, living fully, and taking on new challenges each day.

Kai Jacobson, Founder

Kai has been involved in Network Marketing for the majority of his adult life and has built groups with over 100,000 people numerous times. His focus has always been on Health and Wellness.

In recent years he's become intrigued by the "New Global Economy" that’s emerging in eCommerce and Digital Currencies.

It's exciting for him to venture to the other side of the equation and become a Founder. Having been in the field all his life he truly understands what is needed.

YoloPros™ is designed with the intent that a large percentage of participating IRs can succeed by utilizing our extensive training and powerful platform. The beauty of the YoloPros™ business model is that anyone can become successful from anywhere they choose to live in the world. He is living proof of this, living in Hawaii.

YoloPros™ is all about giving great value, extensive training and helping people become empowered… and learning to “Live Life on Their Terms”.

Jerri Stewart, Founders Circle

Jerri Stewart is a native of Maryland now residing in Panama Central America. She cut her teeth in this industry back in 1982 with a Company called A. L. Williams. She rose to the ranks of a National Sales Director under the leadership of the Great Art Williams and her income was $53,000 a month. She won many trips around the world and contests. She feels her greatest accomplishment was helping many others to earn $100k and $50k part-time. She left A.L. Williams/Primerica soon after Art Williams retired in the early 90's. She went on the become a Diamond Pearl with Tahitian Noni where she won trips to Hawaii and Tahiti.

June 25th 2003 she help founded Financial Destination and in that company she was earning $33,000 a month. She left that and founded her own MLM company, Your Promised Land which marketed Wellness product. That company lasted 3 years. Jerri and her husband decided to go to Panama to retire but networking is in her blood. She spends most of her time talking with her 9 grandchildren and 7 greats and traveling to see and spend time with them.

Mark Hamlin, Founders Circle

Mark Hamlin is a family man who resides in Richmond, Virginia. His lovely wife Sheila and 10 year old daughter Rachel are his pride and joy.

As a former Marine he served as an embassy guard in Pakistan and Thailand. Mark is also an Internet Marketer who has built global teams as large as 40K.

He is a skilled public speaker who enjoys helping people Win!

Clarence Montgomery, Founders Circle

Clarence is a 20 year veteran of the US Air Force Special Operation's Community. He has more than 20 years of online marketing experience dating back to 1995. He has serve as a consultant for several online startup companies with compensation development and marketing strategies. The past 10 years his focus has been on lead generation and social media marketing.

Clarence attended Alabama A&M University where he majored in Computer Science and Accounting. Holds a logistics degree from the Community College of the Air Force and a FAA Air Traffic Control Certification.Clarence lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Nevada Howard, Founders Circle

Nevada Howard is a Speaker, Financial Consultant, Success Coach and Internet Marketer. She owns and operates a successful financial services practice and is the host of Real Talk with Nevada, a weekly coaching/motivational teleconference call for entrepreneurs. She also offers both individual and group coaching in business, online marketing, social media and personal development.

Nevada has 30+ years of Network Marketing/MLM experience and has built multiple large successful global teams both on and offline. She has coached and helped thousands of students excel in their personal, business and financial lives.

Nevada's passion is working closely with others to help them "Tap into their Greatness" and overcome the obstacles and adversities that prevent them from living the life they want and desire. Her Mission: No More Broke Physically, Mentally, Financially, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

Nevada is a 1983 graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a graduate of both George Washington and Dale Carnegie's Business Management Programs and also a graduate of Dale Carnegie's Public Speaking Program. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated,the mother of 2 Beautiful young ladies and currently resides in Baltimore Maryland.

Norman Williams, Customer Service

Norm has spent the last 5 years in online customer service learning all the ins and outs. He will be Yolo Pro's Lead Customer Service person.

"Prior to my online education, I was an entrepreneur my entire life starting several Brick and Mortar Businesses since 1984. Norm brings a wealth of business skills combined with good CS protocol to give Yolo Pro's the best Customer Service of any online business. He is looking forward to meeting every one of you in the near future.

Norman Williams Lives in Meadows of Dan, Virginia.