Payment Solutions

Yolopros™has made a bold decision to embrace the cutting-edge technology of digital currencies. We are a company that’s all about embracing new trends; it’s our belief that Bitcoin is going to be a powerful force in the new global economy. It’s smart, it’s safe, it’s quick, it works in every country and it cannot be shut down. Bitcoin’s relationship to financial services today, is akin to what the Internet’s relationship was to Newspapers years ago. And as we all know, Newspapers have gone the way of the Dinosaurs. When was the last time you bought a Newspaper to read the news, or sent a written letter through the mail? We live in changing times.

Watch Both These Illuminating Ted Talks on Digital Currencies – This is Important

Bitcoin just like PayPal is easy to use. You will be using Bitcoin only for transactions, not as an investment. In other words, just to move money from one place to another. We recommend that you convert your Bitcoin immediately back into the currency of your choice right after you get paid. This will protect you from any market volatility. The great news is that all your transactions will happen very fast and with very small service fees. Your payments will be deposited directly into your personal account instantly, allowing you to conduct your business worldwide and sidestep all the different currency conversion issues. Talk about amazing!

Yolopros™ has decided to partner with Uphold, a premier online bank with Bitcoin solutions.

All IRs are required to open a personal Uphold "Verified" account in order to participate. It’s very easy to do and takes only 2 minutes. More importantly, this is how you are going to receive your money, as all transactions for the sales of the 10 Product Packages will take place through the Uphold platform. We have created a step-by -step Video Tutorial to help you in opening up your Uphold account. 

Once you are up and running, you can convert your Bitcoin into any currency of your choice. Yolopros™never touches your money because all payments are paid directly to your personal account.